CV template for employment and promotion of teachers

This CV template applies for application for employment as Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor and for application for promotion and docentship.

In order to facilitate the processing of applications, KTH uses a CV template which specifies the data required in the process. Different points in the template hold more relevance depending upon the position applied for. The following instructions apply to the applicant:

1. The CV template should be used with the retained numbering.
2. Applications should be written in English.
3. Applications should be addressed to the President (a signature is not necessary).
4. Apply online via the KTH recruitment system.
      a) CV and the attachments are to be uploaded in one file.
      b) Publications are to be uploaded separately.
5. Your application must be received no later than the date stated in the advertisement.
6. KTH conducts reference checks on the candidate proposed for the position.

Please use the KTH CV template for the employment and promotion of teachers below. To support the reporting and assessment of your pedagogical merits, KTH uses a Pedagogical portfolio at KTH.

CV template for the employment and promotion of teachers (docx 41 kB)

Pedagogical portfolio at KTH (docx 66 kB)

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