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Remote examination

Due to COVID-19, the President has decided that most examinations during the autumn semester 2020 (HT20) will be conducted remotely. The decision applies to preparatory, first and second-cycle education.

Regulations for remote examination

As a result of the President’s decision the First and Second-cycle Education Committee has presented some recommendations. It is always the examiner that decides the examination format and is the one who should inform the students of this.

Sit-down examinations should be replaced with digital alternatives

  • Primarily with a take-home examination without monitoring, that can be revised with an oral examination if necessary.
  • Secondarily with a digital sit-down examination with monitoring.
  • It is recommended that courses with a few number of participants replace the written sit-down examination with an oral examination. 
  • Supervised written examination conducted on campus must be justified with pedagogical arguments.

More information regarding the different forms of examination.

Rules for examinations

  • The examinees must receive written information from the examiner describing the exam prior to the examination.
  • It is recommended that course coordinators/examiners arrange a practice session one week prior to the examination and together with the students go through the examination form.
  • The examinees should be able to ask questions for clarification to the teacher during the examination.
  • Given the work situation due to Covid-19 for KTH’s staff, re-examination in order to raise grades (”plussning” in Swedish) was not allowed during the spring semester of 2020 until 2020-08-22. For plussning Autumn semester 2020, contact the course examiner.
  • Registration for written exam is mandatory.

Adjustment of rules for examination that will be monitored over Zoom.

Update Zoom before next examination

After 30 May 2020 Zoom will not function unless you have version 5.0 or later installed. So make sure that you have the latest version installed.

More information on how to update Zoom.

How do I sign in to Zoom?

Log in to the Zoom Room with yout KTH-acount via  on your computer or in the Zoom-app, use the same name shown at your ID document (driver’s license, passport etc.) Instructions on how to sign in to Zoom with your KTH Id

Contact and FAQ

  • KTH has gathered frequently asked questions and answers regarding remote examination. Please visit  to see if your questions are answered.
  • If you have queries regarding registration for the examination or general questions regarding the examination contact the exam administration at your school.
  • If you have technical issues with Canvas, Zoom, or Möbius, contact .
  • If you have compensatory support from Funka, please contact .
  • If you are in need of secrecy please contact the exam administration at your school or the course examiner.
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Last changed: Oct 13, 2020