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Professor Mikael S. Hedenqvist


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Projects and Interests

Physical properties of synthetic and renewable polymers, Polymers from renewable resources (proteins and polyaccharides), mass transport and mechanical properties, modelling of polymers and polymer properties, packaging, ageing properties, magnetic materials, blends, micro- and nanocomposites, foams, processing of polymers, electrospinning.



  1. KF2180 “Biopolymers”, 7.5 hp, Year 5, CHE.
  2. “Corrosion and Surface Protection”, 7.5 hp, Year 4, CHE.
  3. KF102X “Degree Project in Polymeric Materials”, First Cycle, 15 hp, Year 3, CHE.
  4. KF206X “Degree Project in Polymeric Materials”, Second Cycle, 30 hp,Year 5, CHE.
  5. “Mechanical Properties of Materials”, 7.5 hp, Year 4, CHE.
  6. MH2050 “Mechanical Properties of Materials”, 6 hp, Year 3, Materials Design.
  7. KF2500 “Polymer Engineering”, 9 hp, Year 5, CHE.
  8. 3E5052 “Transport properties of polymers”, 6 hp, PhD course, CHE.
  9. KF3390 “Biobased Materials and Their Future Trends”, 1.5 hp, PhD course,CHE.
Belongs to: Department of Fibre and Polymer Technology
Last changed: Jun 07, 2021
Prof. Mikael Hedenqvist
Prof. Em. Ulf Gedde
Assoc. Prof. Richard T. Olsson
Assistant Professor Anna Hanner (Svagan)
Docent Fritjof Nilsson
Assoc. Prof. Henrik Hillborg
Adjunct Professor Mikael Unge (NKT)
Prof. Petra Mischnick