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Materials up close

The lab is fully equipped to study all the key material properties of importance for materials science.


Chemical composition

Aug 06, 2021

The chemical composition of a material has wide-ranging effects on everything from formed phases to corrosion resistance.

Crystal structure

Aug 06, 2021

Crystal structures are unique to phases and can indicate the properties connected to a given phase. Of equal importance are the imperfections in the crystals, effecting the properties in materials.


Aug 06, 2021

The measurement of hardness is a first step in understanding the mechanical properties for metals, ceramics and thin films.

Magnetic properties

Aug 06, 2021

Magnetic materials and their properties are of great importance in different industrial fields, as they are used in devices like motors, generators and transformers.

Mechanical properties

Aug 06, 2021

Mechanical properties show a materials ability to withstand an applied load. It is important to be able to characterize these properties in different temperatures.


Aug 02, 2021

The microstructure in materials affects a wide range of physical properties like hardness, toughness and wear resistance.

Morphology (2D, 3D)

Aug 06, 2021

The morphology of microstructural features affects the properties of materials. To study shapes of objects in great detail is important for materials characterization.

Surface studies (related to probe techniques)

Aug 06, 2021

Surfaces studies are becoming increasingly important, putting topography, chemical composition and magnetism in focus.

Thermophysical properties

Aug 06, 2021

Thermophysical properties are exhibited by a material when heated. These properties are important for how materials reacts when they are subjected to heat fluctuation.

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