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Johan Arekrans

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Doctoral student

About me

Doctoral student in Innovation Management and Circular Manufacturing Systems.

Department Machine Design - Integrated Product Development

My research interest is the organizational and managerial challenges in disruptive business environments, such as the transition towards a circular economy.


Ongoing Projects:

- 'Rethinking Innovation in Circular Economy Transitions (RICET)' funded by Vinnova.

-CE@KTH Research & Development Team, Researcher, Initiative funded by KTH.

Completed Projects:

- 'ABC Mechanisms: From Ownership to Access-Based Circularity in Sweden' funded by Vinnova.

- 'CET: Circular Economy Transitions' funded by Vinnova.

- Project ReCiPSS, funded under European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation program.


-MF2084 Managing Research and Development

-MF1040 Design and Product Realization Methodology

Guest lecturer in 

- PhD Course on Circular Economy and Industrial Systems, MF2032 (Eco Design), MF2046 (Product Innovation, MF2088 (Innovation and Product Development), MF2112 (Advanced Product Design).

Thesis Supervision

Mapping a digital-physical development process: Case study of a small company

Radar-Based Solutions for Crushing and Screening Applications

Collection and Utilization of Market Information and Customer Insights within New Product Development

Toward Circular Economy Implementation: A Tool for Integrating Circularity Indicators into Portfolio Management

Exploring Strategies for Early-stage Startups in Cooperating with Large Organization through Corporate Accelerators

Circular Economy in Single-Use Medical Device Industry: Barriers, Enablers and Design Tool

Integrating Circular Economy in the Innovation Process for Startups.

Developing a digital tool for innovating on circular strategies

How collaboration act as an enabler for circular economy in the fiber-based packaging industry

Design for Recycling: Guidelines for Increased Recycling Efficiency and Recovery Rate of Materials

How does the perception of food waste and its root causes differ on different levels within a grocery retail organization?: A case study


  • Doctoral Student -KTH 2018 - Ongoing
  • Engineers Degree -Design and Product Realisation, KTH 2017
  • Master’s Degree -Integrated Product Design, Product Innovation, KTH 2017
  • Bachelor’s Degree -Production Engineering, KTH 2015


Design and Product Realization Methodology (MF1040), teacher | Course web

Eco Design (MF2032), teacher | Course web

Managing Research and Development (MF2084), course responsible, teacher | Course web