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Jon-Erik Dahlin

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About me

Jon-Erik Dahlin has a background in engineering physics (M.Sc. from KTH 2001) and fusion plasma physics (Ph.D. from KTH 2006). He has devoted his professional life to sustainable energy and engineering for sustainable development, and the majority of the last decade to education for sustainable development. Jon-Erik Dahlin is an experienced university lecturer that enjoys innovating new teaching methods and pedagogical tools. He has been appointed as programme director for several education programmes including the development of several completely new engineering programmes. In 2016, Jon-Erik Dahlin founded Snowflake Education, with the objective to assist educators and leaders in education worldwide with integrating sustainable development into education courses and programmes.


Biotechnology for a sustainable society (CB1170), teacher | Course web

Degree Project in Technology and Learning, Second Cycle (LT200X), teacher | Course web

Degree Project in Vehicle Engineering, First Level (SA115X), assistant | Course web

Degree Projekt in Industrial Technology and Production Maintenance, First Cycle (ML160X), course responsible | Course web

Electrical and Control Engineering (ML1607), teacher | Course web

Industrial Maintenance and Reliability (ML1619), course responsible, teacher | Course web

Industrial Project Management (ML1616), assistant | Course web

Industrial Technology and Production (ML1618), course responsible, teacher | Course web

Introduction to Design and Product Realisation (MF1061), teacher | Course web

Mechanical Engineering, Introduction Course (ML1110), teacher | Course web

Mechanical Engineering, introductory course (MF1001), teacher | Course web

Space and sustainable development (LT1047), teacher | Course web

Sustainable Development in Industry (ML2304), teacher | Course web

Sustainable Production (ML2300), assistant | Course web

Sustainable Transport Systems (ML111U), examiner, teacher | Course web

Sustainable development and project management (CB1000), teacher | Course web

Technology and Health (FCH3101), teacher | Course web

The Engineer in Focus (BB1170), teacher | Course web

Profile picture of Jon-Erik Dahlin