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John Löfblom

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I am Professor at the Department of Protein ScienceCBH school. The general focus of my group´s research activities is on protein engineering technology and development of methods for directed evolution.

Proteins are one of the most important molecules for life. Natural proteins exhibit an almost inconceivable diversity of structures, properties and functions. This diversity is not only the key to the central role of proteins in the processes of life, but has also given applications in a number of areas, from enzymes in detergents to new effective drugs. With the help of genetic techniques and advanced molecular-biotech methods, it is possible to create new artificial proteins with specific functions.
My research seeks to develop new proteins that can be used in medical diagnostics, and as protein drugs in cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. We specialize in what is known as “directed evolution” and protein engineering. With the help of more or less random DNA mutations, large collections of combinatorial protein libraries are created. These libraries are then used to isolate new proteins with specific properties.
The ability of proteins to bind to other molecules has enabled the development of protein-based drugs, which in several cases has revolutionized the treatment of a number of diseases.

Current research is including:

  • engineering of artificial ligands for targeting angiogenesis and tissue engineering
  • engineering of prodrug formats of affinity proteins and cell therapies
  • development of methods for directed evolution of protease and protease substrates
  • engineering of targeting agents for improved uptake into the central nervous system
  • engineering of tracers for molecular imaging of cancer
  • development of high-throughput screening methods for affinity proteins

Learn more about our research under “Portfolio” to the right.

We are always looking for talented students and if you are interested in doing a Master's Thesis project in the group, please contact me at .

I am the Program Director of the Master's Program Medical Biotechnology (TMBIM,

I am also engaged in teaching activities and course responsible for Analysis of Biomolecules (Year 2) as well as giving guest lectures in protein technology and combinatorial protein engineering.

For a publication list, please see my Google Scholar profile.


Analysis of Biomolecules (BB1200), examiner, course responsible | Course web

Biotechnology (KH1223), teacher | Course web

Higher Seminar in Protein Science I (FCB3021), examiner, course responsible, teacher | Course web

Higher Seminar in Protein Science II (FCB3022), examiner, course responsible, teacher | Course web

Higher Seminar in Protein Science III (FCB3023), examiner, course responsible, teacher | Course web

Higher Seminar in Protein Science IV (FCB3024), examiner, course responsible, teacher | Course web

Methods in Current Research in Medical Biotechnology (FCB3201), examiner | Course web