2022-04-08 Daniel Pargman

Academic mobility - Who gets to fly?

Academic flying constitutes a large part of KTH's total carbon emissions. We need to reduce our flying if we are to reach our own climate targets, but how? To start with; who at KTH flies when, where and why? And how can we reduce ”unnecessary” flying? Welcome to a seminar about academic flying and the (many and varied) challenges of reducing academic flying.

Materials from the seminar

     2022-04-08 Daniel Pargman

Statistics from our department:
     Department of Learning in Engineering Sciences (MO)

By division:
    Learning in STEM (MOB)
    Digital Learning (MOD)
    House of Sciences (MOG)
    Language and Communication (MOE)

Filmed part of the seminar

To read: Pargman, D. et al. (2022) ‘Who Gets to Fly?’, in Björkdahl, K. & Franco Duharte, A.S. (eds) Academic Flying and the Means of Communication. Singapore: Springer Singapore, pp. 133–158.

Daniel Pargman

Daniel Pargman is an associate professor in media technology with a specialization in sustainability at KTH/EECS/HCT/MID. His research and teaching is situated in the intersection of computing and sustainability.
The two overarching questions that guide his research are:
1) What happens when exponential developments in computing bump into sustainability-related limitations (for example in terms of the material footprint of ICT or the CO2 emissions from manufacturing and use)?
2) What is the role of ICT in the transformation to a more sustainable society (where people can live good lives within planetary boundaries?

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