Higher Seminars - Department of Learning in Engineering Sciences

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Welcome to the Higher Seminars at the Department of Learning in Engineering Sciences.

We always meet on Fridays 9.00 - 10.00 in this Zoom room 
(PhD students stay on an extra hour, by separate invitation)

Autumn 2022

9 September  Helena Fornstedt

30 September Lina Rahm

Thursday 20 October Marie Paretti

9 December Virginia Grande

Spring 2023

27 January Ruth Graham

7 February Louise Archer (note: Tuesday 12.00-13.00)

31 March Maria Berge (note: 10.30-12.00)

26 May Greg Strimel

Previous seminars

Spring 2022

11 February  Hans Malmström: The Role of Swedish and English in Academia 

11 March  Kristina Andersson & Annica Gullberg: Genus, emotioner och utrustning i laborativa undervisningssituationer (this seminar is held in Swedish)

8 April  Daniel Pargman: Academic mobility - Who gets to fly?

6 May  Stefan Stenbom: SPOTLIGHT seminar

20 May  Nina Wormbs: Exceptionalism and Evasion - How scholars reason about air travel


December 3  Aditya Johri: The Role of Edited Handbooks in Institutionalizing a Field

November 12  Anders Rosén: SPOTLIGHT seminar

October 15  Hampus Östh Gustafsson: The complex issue of legitimacy

September 24  Anne-Kathrin Peters: SPOTLIGHT seminar

September 3  Kristina Edström: Reviewing manuscripts for journals

May 21  Ethics and Etiquette in Research

May 7  Björn Hedin: SPOTLIGHT Seminar

April 23  Assessing Learning - Reflections on our research based on the RAE self evaluation report

April 9  Ernest Ampadu: SPOTLIGHT Seminar


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