Groups can be used for collaboration and communication in e.g. course projects, networks, departmetments etc. You can subscribe to groups you are interested in or create your own.

There are two types of groups, open groups (public) or secret groups (visible only to the group members). If you make the group open, more people can communicate with the group. You can still choose to make certain content (like posts and pages) only visible to members and administrators.

In a group you can e.g.:

  • Communicate and share information (create pages, posts, upload files and images etc.). Administrators can create and edit pages under the heading "Content", members cannot. 
  • Use the group calendar. By adding events in the calendar the people who subscribe to the group will automatically find these events in their  personal calendar. Only administrators can create events, members cannot. 

When you add a member to a group, they automatically get a subscription to the group, which means they will get notified about things that happens in the group. 

Only administrators can add or remove other administrators and members. 

How do I find a group?

At you can see the most active groups right now.

You can see the groups you subscribe to in the toolbar under Groups. 

Through the search functionality you can find all groups (apart from secret groups). 

Finding interesting groups

To find out what groups that already exist today visit In order to access all groups click on the link “All open Groups at KTH” located below Groups.

You can find the groups you subscribe to in the toolbar at the bottom of your web browser.


How to create a group

You are able to create new groups through the toolbar located at the bottom of the page. Click on "Create new group", located under "Groups".

An e-mail will automatically be sent out to all invited participants of the group. You add members to the group through the “edit members” functionality.


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