Information in English about course & programme websites, groups, workshops etc.

NOTE - Informationen on these pages can be old

This group will be closed down. Information on these pages can be old. There is now an ongoing work to move and update information on the Intranet and Student at KTH.

We still want an dialogue with our users and give support.

So for now:


KTH Social

KTH Social is an online meeting place for KTH students, teachers and staff.

It’s a place where students, teachers and KTH staff can communicate, collaborate and share information.

For example, you can:

  • Find and share course and program information such as schedules and course descriptions
  • Keep up to date with KTH information that is relevant for you
  • Communicate and collaborate through groups. You can join groups or create your own
  • Network with students and teachers. Let people know who you are through your personal profile page

After logging in you can automatically access all your courses through the toolbar at the bottom of your web browser.

Virtual Campus

KTH Virtual Campus is a project focused on developing and coordinating KTH:s online educational support. The project aims to improve the communication between students as well as the communication between students and teachers in order to facilitate the learning process.

The project was started by the principal in May 2009 in cooperation with Stockholm University (DSV) and is lead by the Resource Centre for Netbased Education (RCN) at KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

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