How to build a course website in KTH Social (for teachers)

  1. Find your course in KTH Social. All courses automatically get their own course website in KTH Social.  You can for example access your courses through the quick menu at the bottom of your web browser. If you cannot see your courses in the quick menu you have not been registered correctly in the administrative course system. You can find information on how to fix the problem here.
  2. Upload course information. You can create a new page by clicking "Create new page" in the right hand column of your course website. Only teachers and administrators have access to this function. Studens can create and edit pages in the course wiki. A lot of information is automatically uploaded, e.g. the course plan, the schedule and the Bilda-link. You can edit the titles of your schedule to make them more descriptive. You can also add information, for example reading guidelines and upload files such as lecture notes
  3. Inform your students about KTH Social and how it can be used during the course. Write a post on your course website in KTH Social and welcome the students to your course.

General information

  • You can set visibility access levels for each page on your course website. Information under "General course pages" can only be edited by teachers
  • If you are using another digital calender, e.g. Google calender or Outlook you can export your KTH Social calendar to that calendar program and automatically get updates on events from KTH Social. Go to your personal profile page, click on your Calendar and then "Export calendar" and follow the instructions
  • You can subscrive to events in KTH Social via e-mail. Go to your personal profile page and click "E-mail notification settings".

Some of the benefits of using KTH Social are

  • Broaden the accessibility of important information for the students, increasing the probability that it reaches the students. Today course information is offered in various ways which hampers the communication with the students.
  • User friendly. It is easy to upload and update material on KTH Social.
  • Reduce your number of e-mails by answering queries in KTH Social with the intention of enabling students to help each other by answering questions.
  • Automatically receive information regarding the schedule as well as a link to the course plan. You are able to upload reading instructions and lecture notes straight into the schedule.
  • Promote networking and communication between students.
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