Getting started

Accessing course information

You can access your courses through the toolbar at bottom of the page. Events on courses you subscribe to automatically appear on your personal page.

On the course website you can find information about the course, for example the course schedule. If you are using another digital calender, e.g. Google calender or Outlook you can export your KTH Social calendar to that calendar program and automatically get updates on events from KTH Social. Go to your personal profile page, click on your Calendar and then "Export calendar" and follow the instructions

On the course page you are able to discuss course related topics with students and teachers. To gain answers to a query regarding the course post it on the course page.

If you wish to retrieve information about a course that you are not enrolled to search for the course using the course code or name as a search criteria. By subscribing to a course you will be able to add it to the toolbar.


Accessing program information

Each program has a program web. Admitted students automatically get a subscription to that page, which means they get notified through e-mail about activities on that page (e.g. if someone writes a post).

Students, teachers and KTH staff can communicate, collaborate and share information about program related topics on the program web, e.g. through posts, calendar events and wiki pages. The program web is an access point to all program related information. Therefore administrators can create links to information that may be presented elsewhere.

Finding interesting groups

To find out what groups that already exist today visit In order to access all groups click on the link “All open Groups at KTH” located below Groups.

You can find the groups you subscribe to in the toolbar at the bottom of your web browser.


How to create a group

You are able to create new groups through the toolbar located at the bottom of the page. Click on "Create new group", located under "Groups".

An e-mail will automatically be sent out to all invited participants of the group. You add members to the group through the “edit members” functionality.


How to create your profile

In order to access your profile click on your name or your picture, then choose “edit profile”. Write a description about yourself, add a picture and if you like you could also attach suitable links.

How to make a query

Write down your question either directly in the content that it is published eg. as a comment or a post. You can yourself decide upon the visibility, for example you can let everyone, only persons with a KTH account or only administrators of the group take part of your question.

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