Information about the new appearance / navigation

There is a new look and feel on the course, programme and group webs since the 27 of August.

What have changed and how does it work now?

  • The graphic form of the course, group and programme webs has been adjusted to correspond more with the rest of the KTH web and the new vitalization of the graphic form. We have moved the navigation to the left.
  • We have collected functionalities/tools and separated them from the contents.
  • New first page of the course webs, programme webs and group webs. News is no longer the front page and the description text has been moved to a new overview page where it is shown in it is full length. 
  • New settings page that ensemble subscriptions from the course webs, where you can select course rounds/groups on the course as well as your notifications and schedule preferences.

Picture of the new overview page and navigation to the left


Do you need help?

We will be available in the KTH Library at Osquars backe 31, in the "ARC" room.To find the room just follow the red footprints on the floor that starts in the library lobby.

  • Tuesday 27 of August, 9-16:30 (except for lunchbreak)
  • Wednesday 28 of August, 13-17
  • Thursday 29 of August, 9-12
  • Friday 30 of August, 9-17 (except for lunchbreak)

If you have any questions you can also contact us by e-mailing or call any of us that works with the digital learning tools at KTH.

Name Telephone number
Lina Magdalinski 08-790 66 01
Johan Fridell 070-960 68 60
Martin Löfgren 08-790 74 58
Åsa Lindström 08-790 66 47
Catharina Gottberg 08-790 72 83
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