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Headset being used by a man watching the app on a smartphone
With a headset and app, users can see their own brain signals, or neurons, and influence them in various games via focused thinking. On the display you can see how the body pumps blood to the areas of the brain being trained. The technology is known as neurofeedback and up to now, has primarily been used within the care sector and by company executives and sports stars to deal with stress, anxiety, ADHD, sleeping problems, migraines, memory difficulties and similar disorders.

Brain training is made visible through a headset

Training your brain with the aid of a headset with infrared light and an app is pure physical exercise for your brain, claims KTH alumnus Rickard Eklö...

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Electronics to the left, a cty from above to right

KTH initiative becomes a part of a prestigious consortium

KTH and the Digital Futures venture have joined the DTI consortium, it was announced today. Karl Henrik Johansson, professor at KTH and director...

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Portrait of Nikita Patil
Nikita Patil, pictured last fall, explains how the pandemic has led her back to exploring her love of painting and drawing (photo: David Callahan).

Pandemic leads student to revisit first love: art

Coping with the isolation and anxiety of the pandemic has led Nikita Patil back to her first love – making art.

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 Leif Kari

Exciting development in education

Leif Kari, Vice President for Education writes in a blog post about KTH taking the next step in lifelong learning and a changing education.

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