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  • Champion for women's and children's health receives KTH Innovation Award

    Portrait of Rustam Nabiev
    Rustam Nabiev was named the first recipient of the new KTH Innovation Award as co-founder of Shifo. (Photo: Patrik Lundmark)
    Published Jul 01, 2021

    The very first KTH Innovation Award goes to Rustam Nabiev, co-founder of the non-profit Shifo Foundation, which focuses on children’s health in countr...

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  • Human stem cells enable model to test drug impact on brain’s blood barrier

    Isabelle Mathiessen working in the lab, setting up brain model device for a test
    Isabelle Matthiesen prepares the brain-on-chip device for testing. (Photo: Saskia Ludwig)
    Published Jun 30, 2021

    Using an experimental model to simulate the blood-brain barrier, scientists at KTH reported in unprecedented detail how antioxidants protect the brain...

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  • KTH in line with EU Charter & Code

    A flag with blue bottom and yellow stars.
    KTH is now certified according to the EU Charter & Code.
    Published Jun 29, 2021

    KTH has now signed up to the EU Charter & Code following EU Commission approval of our application. In so doing, KTH has gained HR Excellence in Rese...

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  • 'Consuming more won’t make us any happier'

    Johan Rockström standing next to tree
    “We are facing major systemic changes. We have entered a new renaissance. Sustainability is increasingly proving to be the way forward towards modern welfare, that which can result in more stable societies and by extension, more peaceful times,” says Johan Rockström, climate researcher and Director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research. Photo: Fredrik Persson
    Published Jun 29, 2021

    As a diligent debater on environment issues, climate researcher Johan Rockström has long warned that climate changes on Earth are leading towards a gl...

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  • Covid-19 patients recover faster with metabolic activator treatment, study shows

    illustration of spike protein
    The cocktail of metabolic activators were reported to reduce recovery time for Covid-19 patients.
    Published Jun 28, 2021

    Metabolic activators can reduce recovery time by as many as 3.5 days in patients with mild-to-moderate Covid-19, according to a study published today ...

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  • Fracture setting method could replace metal plates, with fewer complications

    A bone with screws to hold it together, plus the polymer custom-made patch.
    The alternative surgical method combines screws with a build-up of the composite material.
    Published Jun 22, 2021

    A new biocompatible polymer-based composite material could soon replace metal plates in treating difficult and unstable fractures. Developed at KTH Ro...

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  • With August reopening set, progress continues on digital education goals

    Students walking on campus in Stockholm
    KTH will reopen in Autumn, 2021, with a focus on physical as well as digital presence.
    Published Jun 18, 2021

    KTH Royal Institute of Technology announced last week that it will reopen its five campuses on August 29, 2021, conducting most teaching and examinati...

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  • “Collaboration skills ought to be more highly valued”

     Man in suit in front of a couple in a laboratory.
    According to Mikael Östling, collaboration skills within the academy should be valued higher.
    Published Jun 16, 2021

    We would all benefit from more and varied exchanges between academia and the society around us and this would help drive societal development forwards...

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  • 'Student life will be huge after such a long wait'

    View of the THS building, Nymble
    “And during a pandemic that main mission has to be dealt with in other ways—so it’s important to keep Nymble open, to provide students with a place to be," says THS President Teo Elmfeldt. Pictured: the exterior of Nymble facing Drottning Kristinas väg. (Photo: David Callahan)
    Published Jun 15, 2021

    When Charley Jönsson took over the KTH student union presidency during the first days of Spring 2020, he had come prepared with a raft of proposals fo...

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  • Stockholm Trio launches its office in Brussels

    A grey house.
    House in Brussels where you find the office for Stockholm trio and Region Stockholm EU-Office.
    Published Jun 10, 2021

    “It is our firm conviction that Stockholm Trio will strengthen our international competitiveness and open the door to plenty of new opportunities and ...

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  • From milk protein, a plastic foam that gets better in a tough environment

    Blocks of foam are lined up to show how petroleum based foams degrade after heat exposure
    From left to right, foam materials consisting of whey, polyurethane, polystyrene, polyethylene and polystyrene. The top row represents unexposed materials and the bottom row represents the materials exposed to 150 degree air for one month.
    Published Jun 10, 2021

    A new high-performance plastic foam developed from whey proteins can withstand extreme heat better than many common thermoplastics made from petroleum...

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  • Efforts on research and education show in KTH’s rise in QS Top 100

    view of exterior of KTH library
    Numerous metrics are considered in the final result. Among these is academic reputation, where KTH’s score improved over the previous year. (Photo: Petter Karlberg)
    Published Jun 09, 2021

    For the third consecutive year, KTH has been named a top 100 university in the QS World University Rankings. In its announcement yesterday, QS ranked ...

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  • New nanoparticle design paves way for improved detection of tumors

    close up view of mouse cell with stained regions showing up in colors
    A lab image shows the detection of the newly-developed nanoparticle contrast agents inside a mouse cell with optical fluorescence (in red). The cell nucleus and plasma membrane are depicted in blue and green, respectively. (Photo: Giovanni Marco Saladino)
    Published Jun 02, 2021

    Nano-sized particles have been engineered in a new way to improve detection of tumors within the body and in biopsy tissue, a KTH research team report...

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  • Newsmakers at KTH

    Published Jun 01, 2021

    Who has received what when it comes to funding? What findings, results and researchers have attracted attention outside KTH? Under the vignette Newsma...

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  • With a kitchen freezer and plant cellulose, a material for therapeutics is developed

    An aerogel, a small whtie disc, rests on the stigma of a flower
    Nearly as light as air, these all-natural cellulose aerogels can be made sustainably, cheaply and with all natural materials. They're biointeractive too, so they can be used for therapeutics. (Photo: Andrew Marais)
    Published May 21, 2021

    A new low-cost and sustainable technique would boost the possibilities for hospitals and clinics to deliver therapeutics with aerogels, a foam-like ma...

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  • Nuclear terrorism could be intercepted by neutron-gamma detector that pinpoints source

    three researchers gathered around a frame with detection equipment mounted on it
    Researchers, from left, Jana Petrovic, Bo Cederwall and Alf Göök test the new imaging technology on a mock-up of radioactive waste drum scanner. (Photo: Biswarup Das)
    Published May 20, 2021

    A scanning technology aimed at detecting small amounts of nuclear materials was unveiled by scientists at KTH, with the hope of preventing acts of nuc...

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  • KTH Alum of the Year 2021 wants to make the chemical industry green

    Portrait of Karim Engelmark Cassimjee
    “When we can get enzymes to work in a factory environment, this will open up a whole world of new products – when you think of all the materials found in nature, we will no longer be locked into a handful of chemical product materials. One vision I have is to be able to replace environmentally harmful parts of concrete production, a major climate villain, with natural materials", says business leader Karim Engelmark Cassimjee, KTH Alumnus of the Year 2021.
    Published May 18, 2021

    As a KTH student he discovered that environment friendly chemicals production was not available for major industry. He is now head of EnginZyme, a com...

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  • Real estate studies at KTH shine through in international competition

    From left to right: Gabriel Bonnevier, Axel Jersenius, Alex Andersson, Miles Gullström-Hughes
    The team that placed in a competition in the U.S.: From left to right, Gabriel Bonnevier, Axel Jersenius, Alex Andersson and Miles Gullström-Hughes.
    Published May 18, 2021

    Real estate studies at KTH earned yet more international recognition last month when students here took second place in a competition against nine U.S...

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  • New light emitters developed for quantum circuits

    a close-up look at t chip that emits single protons at a time
    A close-up look at the integrated chip that emits photons. (Image::courtesy of Ali Elshaari)
    Published May 10, 2021

    The promise of a quantum internet depends on the complexities of harnessing light to transmit quantum information over fiber optic networks. A potenti...

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  • Citrus derivative makes transparent wood 100 percent renewable

    Images of transparent wood from different stages of the research.
    The latest version of transparent wood developed at KTH is more translucent, and it is made with renewable polymer. (Photo: Céline Montanari)
    Published May 04, 2021

    Five years after introducing see-through wood building material, researchers in Sweden have taken it to another level. They found a way to make their ...

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