• Let there be light!

    Published Nov 24, 2015
    It gets pretty dark in Stockholm during late November, but this week the campus is focused on light. The Festival of Light at the KTH Dome of Visions is being held November 23-28 in conjunction with the UN’s International Year of Light.

  • Blocking body's endocannabinoids may be effective treatment for liver cancer

    Published Nov 23, 2015
    The liver's cannabinoid receptors could be targeted to fight liver cancer in some patients, according to a new study that also offers a way to predict what treatments have the best chance of working.

  • Swedes turn to app to guard their neighbourhoods

    Published Nov 20, 2015
    It's every parent's nightmare. You lose track of your 4-year-old at a playground, and the next thing you know, and you're running around, frantically asking people if they've seen your child.

  • Great Prize winner Tegmark reflects on life and technology

    Published Nov 18, 2015
    What is reality? It is a question perhaps too metaphysical to possibly answer. But to cosmologist Max Tegmark there are no oddities, only probabilities. In his search for answers, he decided that mathematics is the basis upon which the universe rests, and which the universe is made up of.

  • Swedish innovation in Silicon Valley spotlight

    Published Nov 16, 2015
    At Spotify's San Francisco headquarters, entrepreneurs from KTH got to present their startup ideas recently for a sold-out crowd and a jury of Silicon Valley investors.

  • The Paris attacks

    Published Nov 14, 2015
    Due to the terrorist attacks in Paris November 13 KTH has today e-mailed KTH students in and from France as well as employees travelling in France that have booked their journey through the KTH travel agency.

  • Africa is 'continent of the future'

    Published Oct 29, 2015
    Ebola, poverty and misery. The image of Africa is as perfunctory as it is misleading. Our perspective of the continent must be updated — not least for KTH's students and future engineers. "Africa's challenges represent a goldmine of possibilities for innovative solutions. Africa is the continent of the future," says Ramon Wyss, vice president for international affairs at KTH.

  • Brazil's president suggests more collaboration with KTH during visit

    Published Oct 21, 2015
    During her three-day state visit to Stockholm, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff visited KTH Royal Institute of Technology on Monday, getting a taste of current research projects and collaborations.

  • Engineered protein prevents dementia in mice carrying Alzheimer's genes

    Published Oct 21, 2015
    A newly-developed protein has successfully prevented dementia from occurring in lab mice carrying human Alzheimer's genes, raising the possibility for development of new treatments for the disease.

  • Study reveals a key role your gut bacteria play in body's self-defense

    Published Oct 20, 2015
    Chalk up another reason why your gut bacteria are so critical to your health—and why these microorganisms could be the key to preventing a host of diseases. A new study reveals that human intestinal flora regulate the levels of the body's main antioxidant, glutathione, which fights a host of diseases.

  • Cashless future for Sweden?

    Published Oct 14, 2015
    Sweden is on track to becoming the world's first cashless society, thanks to the country's embrace of IT, as well as a crackdown on organized crime and terror, according to a study from Stockholm's KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

  • New method for dynamic, stable skyrmions is developed

    Published Oct 13, 2015
    A KTH researcher is part of an international team that has unlocked the secret to creating stable dynamic skyrmions – the nanoscale magnetic whirls that promise to meet our insatiable appetite for data storage.

  • Physics prize both expected, and unexpected

    Published Oct 07, 2015
    Particle physicists at KTH had nearly given up hope that the discovery of mass within the universe's smallest components, neutrinos, would be recognized with a Nobel Prize.

  • Nobel highlights underfunded fight against malaria

    Published Oct 06, 2015
    Millions suffer from malaria, but relatively little is done to develop effective medications. That's why this year's Nobel Prize in Medicine is so encouraging, says KTH Professor Peter Nilsson.

  • Career advice from a space pioneer

    Published Sep 28, 2015
    Nearly 31 years ago, Anna Fisher sat inside the space shuttle Discovery on its way into space. Last week, she sat at the KTH library and shared her experiences in space work for master's student Nishita Vegi.

  • Tech Talks previews Inspired by Space conference

  • Why 100 astronauts are coming to KTH

    Published Sep 18, 2015
    There might not be an astronaut wedding this year, but the annual Association of Space Explorers XXVIII Planetary Congress at KTH Royal Institute of Technology will nevertheless be something truly unique.

  • Probes pick up where space exploration leaves off

    Published Sep 15, 2015
    Inside a small suite of offices at the department of Plasma Physics at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, researchers are picking up where space exploration leaves off. The object of their work is to understand the fundamental plasma-physics process that connects and disconnects magnetic fields in space.

  • Space films nurture research

    Published Sep 15, 2015
    Both science fiction and space research seeks answers to the big questions. However, scientists seem to have much greater confidence in the future than filmmakers.

  • KTH develops electronics to withstand Venus' harsh climate

    Published Sep 15, 2015
    In the research project, Working on Venus, KTH researchers are developing electronics for a space mission to collect data from the second planet from the sun. The electronics are based on silicon carbide, a semiconducting material that can withstand the Venus' extremely harsh climate, where surface temperatures are as hot as 460 degrees Celsius.

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