• Highway planning ignores climatic targets

    Published Apr 04, 2007
    The Swedish Road Administration, our national highway authority, does not take long-term climatic targets into account as they plan for the construction of new through roads in the Stockholm area – and nor do other parties involved! This is asserted by Dr. Göran Finnveden, senior scientist at the KTH Div. of Environmental Strategies Research (formerly FMS), and Thomas Sterner, Professor of environmental economics at the Gothenburg School of Business Economics & Laws, in a joint report presented by them recently.

  • Erasmus Days visit KTH

    Published Apr 04, 2007
    2007 is the 20th birthday of the Erasmus Student Exchange Programme. This will be celebrated by the Erasmus Student Network by way of “Erasmus Days” arranged all over Europe. A minibus is now travelling between a number of European universities; now it is KTH´s turn to welcome it here in Sweden.

  • Natural gas collides with Swedish climate policies

    Published Apr 02, 2007
    Biofuels in heat & power production is the most sustainable alternative of all when it comes to extending the urban district heating networks sensibly. Natural gas is a more uncertain alternative, as its availability is tied to various political factors; hence it is less compatible with Swedish efforts towards climatic improvement. This is the essence of an article in the February issue of the scientific magazine “Energy Policy”, written by scholars from KTH.

  • Three KTH scholars nominated for EURYI Awards

    Published Mar 28, 2007
    Three young research scholars from KTH have now been nominated for the European Young Investigator Awards, EURYI. This is a prestigious scientific prize – a total of 20 nominees will be sharing about one million Euros, once the final ”exams” have been completed. Three of the candidates are working at our university:

  • Cheap H2O commuting – with the Kaimaran

    Published Mar 19, 2007
    So far no vehicle or vessel resembling a ”water motor bicyle” has existed – but now it is here, and it is called the Kaimaran. This is an environment-friendly one-man craft, with extremely low fuel consumption and easy to handle. It can go from Stockholm to Vaxholm, and back, on just one litre of petrol (gas). To further enhance the environmental feedback the engine will be converted to run on ethanol.

  • Two KTH cars in this year´s Shell Eco-Marathon

    Published Mar 13, 2007
    Every year Shell puts European technology students to a challenge: Competing for the best home-built fuel-efficient vehicle. In 2007 two teams from KTH will compete, each with a car designed and built by fourth-year senior undergraduate students specialising in lightweight structures, mechatronics and internal combustion engines.

  • US ambassador visits KTH

    Published Mar 01, 2007
    On 20 February Michael M. Woods, US Ambassador to Sweden, visited our School of Energy & Environmental Technology. The purpose of his visit was to discuss joint US-Swedish efforts furthering issues about energy and environment technologies.

  • Major effort for top DNA technology

    Published Feb 22, 2007
    Thanks to a donation from the Alice & Knut Wallenberg Foundation, Swedish scientists will have access to the world´s most powerful tool for decoding of DNA. This will enable them to establish the sequencing of the entire genetic make-up of a bacteria or virus by means of one single analysis.

  • 120 MSEK to KTH research on cleaner energy production

    Published Feb 09, 2007
    The Swedish Energy Agency has granted the KTH Dept. of Energy Technology the sum of 60 MSEK towards the research programme ”Turbo-power – electric current production from thermal turbo engines & processes”. The same amount will be contributed from industrial partners Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery and Volvo Aero, as they will also benefit from the findings of this new joint effort. The research will be performed in industry and universities with KTH as the co-ordinating body. The university research partners include Chalmers in Gothenburg and the technical universities of Lund and Linköping, also Mälardalen University. This research effort will be running until the end of December 2010.

  • ”Sometimes I missed the force of gravity”

    Published Jan 30, 2007
    As astronaut Christer Fuglesang visited KTH´s Main Campus on Thursday 25 January 2007, hundreds of students from the high schools affiliated to KTH had the opportunity to hear his personal account of his space adventure.

  • First Swedish astronaut visits KTH

    Published Jan 23, 2007
    Christer Fuglesang, the first Swede in space, visits KTH Thursday, January 25. He will participate in a seminar for high school students and teachers. During the seminar he will screen a film shot during his stay at the space station.

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