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Meet the winner of SEB Tech Talent of the year 2022 – Celine Helgesson Hallström

Nalen: Celine Helgesson Hallström
Published May 04, 2022

Curiosity, motivation and a broad mix of subjects gave Celine Helgesson Hallström, student in the master’s programme in Machine Learning, the SEB’s award for Tech Talent of the year 2022.

Congratulations Celine, how does it feel to receive the SEB Tech Talent of the Year 2022?

"I am honored and excited about what this award will bring. I am also very proud of the journey that led me here. It has not been a straight line. My choice of education and how I prioritise my time have always been driven by curiosity and motivation, which sometimes have led to a mix of topics and areas of engagement. Therefore, it feels great that this award confirms that my judgment on how to grow professionally does not only make sense to me but also succeeds in delivering value to others. I am thankful to get to experience this early in my career."

What do you think the summer internship and the mentor will mean to you and your future career?

"I look forward to the most about this summer internship. I will have several rotations in different departments at SEB. I will meet people working with data and machine learning in different ways. And hopefully, this will be an essential piece of the puzzle to figure out which areas I could see myself working on in the future. Having mentors to discuss with and learn from will be the cherry on top!"

As a student ambassador at KTH, you have also been engaged in a pod to interest presumptive students to study at KTH. Could you tell us a bit about that?

"At the end of my first year at KTH, a classmate and I pitched the idea of adding podcasts to the social media platforms KTH used to reach out to presumptive students. We both felt a difference in how KTH was perceived from the outside and how it actually was to study here. KTH liked the idea, and now we’re on our third year producing the podcast called KTH Student.

Our goal of giving a correct picture of studies at KTH has evolved during these years. As two female students with no thought of an education in engineering during our high school years, we also hope to inspire more people from untraditional paths to consider KTH. I hope to be a part of a diverse tech industry in the future. If we can create some initial sparks of curiosity in people who have not previously considered a degree in technology, it will contribute in the right direction."

What excites you the most about the area of education you have studied?

"Coming from a Degree of Bachelor in Media Technology and right now pursuing my studies in the Machine Learning master’s programme, my immediate response would be that it is an area with so much to do. I believe the use of AI and machine learning in interaction with society is in a transitional state where collaborations between different professions will be even more crucial moving forward. I look forward to being a part of and feel responsible for contributing to this. How we draw the map of interaction between technology and its applications in society will be an important design choice for the future. This excites me greatly since it is a great challenge and an ideal setting for creating something new and better together."

If you picture yourself 10 or 20 years from now, where are you then? In what area do you work? What engage you the most?

"I do not have a clear picture of where I will be in the future, but I have some ideas. In 10 and 20 years from now, I hope I am still curious, eager to learn, and work with something that has some multidisciplinarity to it. That is usually where I thrive."

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