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Two days on the latest within software

The CASTOR Software Days

Published Sep 27, 2022

The software research centre CASTOR organised its second conference on 31 August to 1 September at KTH Nymble. Software researchers, engineers, and students gathered to discuss cutting-edge technology, current software design challenges and software-defined networking.

The KTH networking centre CASTOR Software Research Centre  and its partners Ericsson and Saab organised the conference.

Around 180 persons met for two full days of presentations and discussions. Nine KTH doctoral students connected to CASTOR showed their research in a well-visited poster exhibition.


Among the speakers was Nate Foster  from Cornell University, who held the conference's first keynote on developing new foundations for networking based on solid mathematical principles. Stefan Schmid , from the Technical University of Berlin, spoke in his keynote on the theme of self-driving networks: vision, enablers, challenges.

Keynotes on the first day also included Petter Bedoire  from Saab, who spoke of Technology leadership at Saab, and Magnus Frodigh  from Ericsson, who talked about Towards 6G- What's needed in software technology evolution?

The first day also included technical talks on CASTOR's achievements with speakers from Saab, Ericsson and KTH.

On day two, Kees Goossens , from the Technical University of Eindhoven, opened up with his keynote on formal resource management for real-time multicore applications. 


At the end of day two, CASTOR's director and steering group presented the centre's next steps – “CASTOR 2.0”. This includes, among other things, the research avenues  which are planned to start in October 2022.

"From what I can see, there was a great turnout, a lot of energy and commitment, which I see as a good start for the continued collaboration and CASTOR 2.0," says Catrin Granbom from Ericsson Software Research.

Pierre Bodin, CASTOR's director, says:

"The outcome of the event will guide us with the upcoming work with the “CASTOR 2.0” as well as for the planning of the next edition of the CASTOR Software Days. I want to thank everyone that has been involved in the preparations of this interesting event, and especially to the founder and former director of CASTOR, Benoit Baudry who has been in charge of the main coordination."

"It was a great success with a high number of participants from all partners, KTH, SAAB and Ericsson, which led to active and fruitful discussions involving researchers, students and engineers during and between the sessions,” Pierre concludes. 

"The CASTOR Software Days were two enriching days of networking and inspirational presentations from industry and academia. It was a good summary of CASTOR's challenges and findings since 2018 and a great starting point for CASTOR 2.0. Great job, all of you: the organisers at KTH and all the speakers. We will gather the feedback from the participants and make the next conference even better!" says Stefan Andersson from Saab.

Cyrille Artho from KTH, part of the conference's steering committee, says:

"I think it was a great event where people from KTH, Saab and Ericsson could finally meet again to discuss new technologies and future collaborations."

The CASTOR Software Days

You can find more details on the conference on its website. There you can also find material  gathered from the day, such as the speaker's presentations available for download. 

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Two days on the latest within software

The software research centre CASTOR organised its second conference on 31 August to 1 September at KTH Nymble. Software researchers, engineers, and students gathered to discuss cutting-edge technology...

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