Strengthen your company's cyber security with KTH's Online Course in Ethical Hacking

Published Oct 24, 2018

Apply to the Online Course in Ethical Hacking open for businesses by December 15.

Professor Pontus Jonsson, course responsible

"To effectively defend, we need to understand the modus operandi of attackers.”

The sought-after Online Course in Ethical hacking 7.5 credits is now open for registrationl. Employees at both Swedish and international companies are welcome to apply.

Gain the upper hand

The course consists of 15 weeks part-time distance learning together with other professional security experts, system developers and system administrators. You will connect to a virtual private network (VPN) in Google and then penetrate a fictitious business looking for specific documents. Here you will learn how to think like a cyber attacker.

Welcome with your application by December 15.

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Former students share their stories

Anders from Volvo

– Feelings go up and down all the time during the course.

Lina from Ericsson

– Increased knowledge of intrusion gives me power to build more secure solutions.

Jörgen from OP5

– To win over the hacks, you have to think like a hacker.

 Course responsible

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