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Swedish Microwave Days offers unique possibilities

Photo of Oskar Zetterströ, Oscar Quevedo Teruel and Pilar Castillo Tapia
Published Mar 08, 2023

The Swedish Microwave Days will be an excellent opportunity for anyone interested to learn more about the latest developments in microwave, millimeter wave, THz or antenna technology. Professor Oscar Quevedo-Teruel looks forward to networking opportunities between academia and the microwave and antenna industry.

What kind of exhibition from the industry will take place?

Swedish Microwave Days 2023

23–25 May

KTH Kista, Kistagången 16

"We have now agreed with 19 industrial exhibitors, including companies like Ericsson, SAAB, TMYTEK, COMSOL, Sony, MVG, Huawei and many more. Each industry will exhibit its products in microwave or antenna technology. For example, companies such as COMSOL will present their simulation software, MVG will present their products to measure antennas accurately, and TMYTEK will present their antenna products in the millimeter-wave regime. In addition to the exhibition area, we will have two industrial workshops, one from COMSOL and one from Cadence."

Can you name any invited speakers?

"We will have two academic and four industrial keynotes. One confirmed speaker is Bo Göransson from Ericsson. He will give the first keynote on antenna systems for future 6G communications. Another confirmed speaker is Professor Jay Guo from University of Technology Sydney, who will discuss a new pygidium in multi-beam antennas."

How many visitors have signed up?

"Still, we are finalizing the registration, but given the volume of scientific contributions, around 130, we expect between 200 and 300 attendees."

New network to kick-start your career

ECAP, a recently started working group that promotes people in the early stages of their career in antennas and electromagnetic wave propagation will host several events during the Swedish Microwave Days. Oskar Zetterström is a member of the working group and he is responsible for the events planned at the Swedish Microwave Days.

"Right now, we are focusing heavily on recruiting new members, and the main goal for our presence at the Swedish Microwave Days is to advertise our work and make people aware that we exist. We hope that people will notice us and sign up as members by organizing several activities during the conference, including a recruitment event and two technical workshops. Of particular importance is that we reach young people in the industry since we already have a large member base from the academic world. This edition of the Swedish Microwave Days will allow us to do so since we have a powerful presence of various companies at the conference," Zetterström says.

There will also be a workshop about Women in Antennas and Microwave Engineering to discuss concerns and ideas to strengthen the presence of women within the field, led by Pilar Castillo Tapia.

"This workshop aims to strengthen the connection between the female antenna and microwave engineers working in Sweden. We will have several talks about women from different backgrounds during the seminar. They will give their vision of the actual situation of women working in this traditionally male-dominant field. After that, we will invite all attendees to an open discussion to discuss these and other topics. And to listen to possible solutions to increase women's presence in our community, both in academia and industry," Castillo Tapia finishes.

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