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New project at the department

The project "Automating System SpEcific Model-Based Learning - ASSEMBLE” received 29 milj SEK from the The Swedish foundation for strategic research (SSF). The objective of the project is to develop new probabilistic modeling language abstractions together with new machine learning inference algorithms to enable fast and complex development of smart systems. The project team consists of four researchers from KTH and Uppsala. From KTH: David Broman, ICT school, and  Joakim Jaldén EE school. From Uppsala University: Thomas Schön (main PI) and David Black-Schaffer. Link to the SSF announcement: stratresearch.se/600-miljoner-kronor-till-svensk-toppforskning/

EIT ICT Labs Summer School on Cloud and Big Data

The Future Cloud Summer School (FCSS) June 27 - July 8, is a event open to EIT-ICT Labs MSc students as well as a limited number of external participants. Students following this school will attend lectures from leading researchers and practitioners from academia and industry.

For more information go to FCSS and EIT Digital


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