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Paus project - Personal mobility for the Academy

Published Nov 23, 2021

PAUS project - Personal mobility for the Academy with a focus on Educational Collaboration and Student Participation - ended in June 2021.

Increase quality of education and collaboration through personal mobility

Personal mobility from the academy to external organizations has proven to be a successful building block for strategic collaboration, at the same time as it contributes to increased collaboration skills for the individual and contributes to higher quality and relevance in education and research. Personal mobility also contributes to increased utilization and strengthens the university's participation in societal development.

Experience from the project PAUS - Personal Mobility for the Academy with a focus on Educational Collaboration and Student Participation, has been gathered in a detailed digital handbook  (In Swedish) that describes the process of starting and running a personal mobility program. The process is divided and described in four phases, Initiation, Implementation, Follow-up and Adjustment where each part is described in detail. The material contains checklists, suggestions for approaches and descriptive reflections from participants, both academic staff, project staff and external recipient organizations.

To show the values and effects of personal mobility, attention is also paid to this. Results and effects in both quality of education, student participation, funding and merit are discussed from different perspectives and provide a clear picture of personal mobility programs from different angles.

Information about the project

PAUS - Personal mobility for the Academy with a focus on Education Collaboration and Student Participation, presents its results from 76 exchanges, of which 11 from KTH, in external organizations.

PAUS - KTH - 02.38 min

Deputy president Mikael Östling has been the client of the project on personal mobility from academia to external organizations and Sara Nyberg from the Department of Learning / ITM has participated as a project manager within KTH.


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