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Leif Dahlberg

Professor of Communication

Communication is about interaction between people and about how meaning is created. This is a very large field of research with many sub-areas. In his research, Leif Dahlberg focuses on the relationship between communication and culture. He studies both oral and mediated communication.
Communication and culture presuppose each other. At the same time, there are always cultural differences, both between different societies and between different groups in the societies, that affect and sometimes impede communication and interaction. Cultural differences not only exist between countries and ethnic groups, but also between different professional groups and between different generations, and so on. Project work, decision-making processes and conflicts are examples of situations that can be seriously influenced by cultural differences. Deficient intercultural competence among the participants can be devastating to work processes. 
The research at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in the media technology field is about understanding how, above all, new media and computer systems affect human social interaction and work processes. Questions of sustainable development, availability, gender issues and the intersection of art, technology and design are also studied.

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