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Newsmakers at KTH - January 2024

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Published Jan 23, 2024

Who has received what when it comes to funding? What findings, results and researchers have attracted attention outside KTH? Under the vignette Newsmakers, we provide a selection of the latest news and events at KTH.

Prestigious grant for biophysicist

Ilaria Testa , Associate Professor of Biophysics, has been awarded a Proof of Concept grant from the European Research Council (ERC). Her research operates at the interface of physics, chemistry and neuroscience with the development and application of cutting-edge imaging technologies. The grant is for the project 'A new technology to probe molecular interaction in cells at high throughput'. Ilaria Testa has previously been awarded Starting Grant and Consolidor Grant from the ERC.

Industry expertise in focus

Vinnova has granted KTH and three other higher education institutions 25 million SEK for a new business model, called ADAPT, for industrial competence development. The project will explore and test the possibilities that a changed policy could contribute to, in regards to the supply of skills development for advanced digitalisation. The project is led by Mattias Wiggberg , researcher in industrial economics. Jan Gulliksen , professor of human-computer interaction, is also involved in the project.

Professor elected to KVA

Eva Malmström Jonsson , Professor of Coating Technology, has been elected as a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. Academy of Sciences. Malmström Jonsson, former vice President at KTH, leads a research group in fibre and polymer technology and is also the director of the Wallenberg Wood Science Centre, which is tasked with developing various forms of new materials from the Swedish forest.

Increasing safety in the city

Vania Ceccato , Professor of Urban Security, has published a new book, “Safe Cities”, on how to prevent crime and create security. The book provides examples of methods for identifying places with high concentrations of crime, and it discusses measures for crime prevention. Since last year, municipalities in Sweden are legally responsible for crime prevention. The book is aimed at municipal planners, security experts and students.

Computer science professor honoured for AI

Martin Monperrus , professor of software engineering, has, together with two international colleagues, been honoured with the ACM SIGSOFT Impact Paper Award for a software development publication from 2009. The award recognises that their publication pioneered the use of machine learning in the use of intelligent code assistance tools.

Announced award to Professor

Karl Henrik Johansson , Professor of Network Control, has been awarded the 2024 Hendrik W. Bode Lecture Prize, one of the most prestigious in the field, which was awarded in December. Karl Henrik Johansson receives the prize for his outstanding contributions to the science and technology of control systems.

President and professor elected to IVA

Anders Söderholm , President of KTH and Professor of Business Administration, and Bo Wahlberg , Professor of Control Engineering, have been elected as members of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA). They are elected to the divisions Enterprise and Leadership and Electrical Engineering respectively.

Text: Christer Gummeson

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