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"One can enjoy free air, safe food, clean water and a vast blue sky"

Xin comes from China. He received his bachelor's degree from Zhejiang University and enjoys playing soccer.

What made you choose KTH and Sweden for your studies?

KTH is known as the best science and engineering university in Sweden. Its professional research generates thousands of cutting-edge technologies in every aspect of life; its inspiration of creative spirit gives birth to many successful start-up companies, and its integrating of theory with practice makes it a cradle of engineers and entrepreneurs.

Living in Stockholm makes one feel cosy. Due to the scientific city planning, one can reach public transportation, supermarkets, hospitals, sports centres within minutes. Because of the advocation of sustainable development, one can enjoy free air, safe food, clean water and a vast blue sky. All these aspects make Stockholm and Sweden attractive.

What is unique about your programme?

Once one is talking about mathematics, the first things that come to mind are voluminous and abstract theorem proofs. The Computational and Applied Mathematics programme, however, gives mathematics a new life. Instead of learning by note, one will face a real problem.

Based on solid background theorems and with the help of computation tools like MATLAB, C/C++, one will have a deeper understanding of the knowledge and develop analytical skills. Also, students of the programme will have many exchange opportunities. As for me, I went to Osaka University for a summer research internship which was a particularly valuable experience.

What do you like most about KTH?

The most appealing part of KTH is the education pattern. Almost every course has lab or project sessions, during which you will have the chance to put the theoretical knowledge into practice and team-up with other students to conquer the problem. Moreover, there are no constructed solutions – the professor can accept any answers if it can justify itself.

What are your impressions of Stockholm and Sweden?

Sweden might be the best country where people are equal. Regardless of gender, skin colour, nationality, geographical location, disabilities, social status, everyone has same opportunities to acquire education, public services and make a living on their own.

Stockholm might be the most beautiful city. It is like living in a fairy tale when one walks along the street and enjoys the magical architectures and landscapes everywhere, underneath which the modern technologies intertwine closely.

What do you like most about being here?

I like the concept of how to make life concentrated. Everyone will only have to work 8 hours a day. Every student will have 2 or 3 courses for every two months. People here build an equilibrium between efficiency and time, work and life.

What do you think are the differences between studying at KTH and your home university?

What I used to study was mainly a fundamental mathematical knowledge which built the cornerstone for further studies. Studying at KTH evokes the practical aspect of it – almost every course has a practical part.

What would you like to say to students thinking of choosing KTH for master’s studies?

Come to KTH today and embrace your future!