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a close-up look at t chip that emits single protons at a time
A close-up look at the integrated chip that emits photons. (Image::courtesy of Ali Elshaari)

New light emitters developed for quantum circuits

The promise of a quantum internet depends on the complexities of harnessing light to transmit quantum information over fiber optic networks. A potenti...

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A globe.
KTH got fthe highest rating for its work with internationalisation.

KTH still in top in internationalisation

For the fifth year in a row, KTH has been awarded the highest rating for its work with internationalisation among Swedish universities. The award is p...

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Person resting in light from window blinds
With the aid of mathematics, the researchers hope to find connections between HMGB-1 and the development of symptoms such as POTS in long Covid-19 patients.

Researchers use maths to find keys to long Covid

Researchers from KTH and the Karolinska Institute at the MedTechLabs Centre for Medical Technology Research now aim to determine why certain people wi...

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 Anna Wahl

Values must be stated

Anna Wahl, Vice President for Gender equality and values, writes in this post about contexts free from values probably does not exist- even if one think so. Therefore, it is really important that implicit views are brought to light.

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