2. The study visit and employability

The study visit and employability, reflection seminar in December 2014

Preparations for the reflection

  • Investigate, using only public sources, how the company you visited is recruiting computer scientists. Is the company advertising in newspapers? Advertising on its web site? Visiting Armada or D-dagen? In some other way?

If you missed the study visit

If you missed the study visit you will need to do the following extra preparation for the seminar.

  • There are several business associations relevant to computer science masters. Such organizations could either have  computer science companies or computer scientists as members. Find one (relevant) business association organizing companies and one organizing people. Look up the web sites of these associations and find some information about them. Then use them instead of the company in the four reflection points below, when you write your reflection. The reflection should be 600-700 words instead of 500-600 words.

If you follow prosamm13 and missed the study visit assignment

Alla som följer prosamm13 (dvs går andra året på mastern) ska vara med och organisera ett studiebesök. Om du av någon anledning missade det ska du förutom ovanstående extrauppgift även göra följande extrauppgift.

Ta kontakt med en av branschorganisationerna som du valt och ta reda på något som är relevant för dig och dina kamrater på datalogimastern. Skriv ner vad du fick veta under en egen rubrik i reflektionen. Reflektionen ska då bli 700-800 ord lång.

The written reflection

Write a reflection document where you address the following points based on your study visit and your small recruitment research. Make sure that you bring up both positive and negative aspects for all four points. The document should be 500-600 words.

  • Give a short description of the company and the visit.
  • How do you and your competence match the company you visited?
  • What insights have you gained that may influence your studies?
  • What role does the company fill in society? Do you want to be part of what the company is doing?

Finally, write a paragraph where you reflect on the courses you are currently taking and the courses (or degree project) that you have chosen to take next semester.

Hand in the reflection, read the group members' reflections and comment on them

Your written reflection must be handed in before Dectember 11, at 24.00. Maybe you should once again look at the short video showing how to upload the document to Google Drive. The link to the document should be put in a file with your name in the directory
where X is your group's number (the same as last time - if you forgot you can find it in Rapp).

You have to comment on all the other group members' reflection documents using the Google Drive comment functionality (Comment in the Insert menu) before December 15, at 12.00.

Participate actively in the seminar

Find your group number in the table below and lookup when and where your seminar is. The seminar is about 50 minutes, and it is important to be on time. Notice the odd starting times! Instructions on how to find the rooms can be found in the menu to the left.

Time 1537 4523 1625 523 Fantum F0
December 16, 8.10-9.00 8 10 12 16 2
December 16, 9.10-10.00 9 11 18 4
December 18, 15.10-16.00 6 14 15 1
December 18, 16.10-17.00 7 5 13 17 3

Report your choice of specialization, if needed

From next seminar in the course (i.e. period 3), the groups will be rearranged after choice of specialization (in Swedish: spår). If you have reported your choice of specialization to the study counsellor, then your specialization is already in the specialization/spår column in Rapp for prosamm. If your specialization is not known by Rapp, then you will need to email Viggo (viggo@kth.se) and tell him which specialization you (will) follow before December 12, otherwise you will end up in a random prosamm group at next seminar.

Note that the choice of specialization is not binding, at this point of time. When you end your studies and hand in your application for the Master degree certificate, then you will need to report your final choice of specialization.

Here is the current list of specializations:

Spår (specialization)
Number of prosamm students
autonoma system (autonomous systems) 11
beräkningsbiologi (computational biology) 2
datasäkerhet (computer security) 7
datorsystemteknik (computer systems) 2
individuellt (individual) 18
IT-management 5
ljud och musik (sound and music) 1
programsystemteknik (software engineering) 44
språkteknologi (language technology) 4
teoretisk datalogi (theoretical computer science) 5

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commented 2 December 2014

Is the seminars for some of the groups really on 23rd December or is that a mistake? I guess many people (including me) have other plans on late afternoon one day before Christmas Eve...

Teacher commented 2 December 2014

Sorry, now corrected.

commented 4 December 2014

It appears that you have not created the folders yet for "/info/prosamm13/seminars-1415/period-2/group-X", only period-1 is available.

Teacher commented 4 December 2014

Now the folders are created. Sorry for any inconvenience.

So now you may create the file containing the URL to your Google document. Please end the URL with a newline.

commented 7 December 2014

I'm sorry, I can't attend the given time-slot for the next seminar because it's the same time as I have my project presentation in Language Engineering DD2418 from 15-17.

Is there any possibility for me to be reassigned another time, both time-slots the 16th work.

Teacher commented 8 December 2014

On the general "Seminars" web page you can read the following:

If you know in advance that you will not be able to participate in the seminar, you should in good time contact the administrative course co-ordinator, who will then try to find a time with a different group.

This means that you should contact me (by e-mail). Daniel, I will send you an email telling which group you should attend.

commented 9 December 2014

It says that we are going to be rearranged into new groups depending on our specialization choice, where can the new groupnumber be found or is it the groupnumber that is in RAPP?  My number in RAPP is unchanged, that's why I'm wondering.

Teacher commented 10 December 2014

The rearranged groups will be decided in January 2015, before the seminar in period 3.

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