7. International opportunities and contexts

International opportunities and contexts, reflection seminar in February 2016

From now on there will be new groups, where the division is based on the choice of track.  Look up your new group number in Rapp (under Group number, spring). The new numbers are between 21 and 38. You can find out who is the mentor of your group on the Mentors and groups page in the menu to the left.

If you don't find your new group number in Rapp, contact viggo@kth.se

Preparations for the reflection

  • The ability of working in international contexts is mentioned in the intended learning outcomes of the Master's program, both in the national qualitative targets and the Master program's objectives. Review the intended learning outcomes to find what is actually being said.
  • KTH recruits students from many countries. Study these maps which show some statistics on where the students are coming from.

Students with tuition feesStudents without tuition fees

The written reflection

Write a reflection document where you address the following points based on your preparations and your experience and expectations. The document should be 500-600 words.

  • Reflect on how working with students from different countries may or may not contribute to the goal.
  • Studying abroad is another way of getting international experience. Reflect on the advantages and disadvantages.
  • What are your thoughts about working abroad for a limited time, or permanently?
  • Which courses have you taken/do you plan to take in your track? Why?

Hand in the reflection, read the group members' reflections and comment on them

Your written reflection must be handed in before February 11, 2016, at 13.00. Maybe you should once again look at the short video showing how to upload the document to Google DriveYou should start the document by stating your name followed by prosamm15 or prosamm14 (depending on whether you study the first or second year of the master's program). The link to the document should be put in a file with your name in the directory
where X is your new group's number (check in Rapp!).

You have to comment on at least six other group members' reflection documents using the Google Drive comment functionality (Comment in the Insert menu) before February 15, at 13.00. You may choose which six group members you like, as long as there are at least two from year 1 (prosamm15) and two from year 2 (prosamm14) among them. You also have to comment on a comment in your own document (if there is any).

Participate actively in the seminar

Find your group number in the table below and lookup when and where your seminar is. The seminar is about 50 minutes, and it is important to be on time. Notice the starting times! Instructions on how to find the rooms can be found in the menu to the left.

Time 1535 4523 1625 523-Cvap F0-TMH
February 16, 8.10-9.00 27 29 23 35
February 16, 9.10-10.00 28 33 24 31 37
February 18, 15.10-16.00 21 30 25 32 36
February 18, 16.10-17.00 22 34 26 38

What if you cannot participate in the seminar?

Instructions on how to do if you study abroad or of some reason cannot participate in the seminar can be found on the general seminars webpage.

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I would like to know how many persons who did not get any notification. Please send an empty email to viggo@kth.se with the subject line "No prosamm14 notification" if you did NOT receive any notification about the seminar on February 1. Then I will contact the IT-service to assure that this problem will not occur again.

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I got the e-mail but I completely missed it (but I still reminded myself that the next seminar should probably take place very soon and found this page in time).

This is my mail I got which I found after I searched for it. It's easy to ignore/forget about since it looks exactly like all other emails you get from KTH Social. "[KTH Social] 2 notifications the latest minutes" as a topic is not really that explanatory or catching for an important deadline. A personal email (although sent to everybody) like you have done before is much better. At least if it was possible to include some subject and/or text in the KTH Social massmails to get the students attentions...

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