The course has two Ladok assignments: UPP1 and UPP2.

UPP1 consists of the four seminars during the first year and UPP2 consists of the four seminars during the second year.

For each reflection seminar you have to pass the following:

  • write a reflection document, fulfilling the requirements,
  • comment on all other reflection documents of the group,
  • participate actively in the seminar.

There are three columns in Rapp corresponding to these three requirements, marked "hand-in", "comments" and "participation". You will need a "G" (passing grade) for each of them.

The seminar instructions might specify some other small tasks as well, such as a study visit or answering a questionnaire. These tasks are mandatory.

For more information regarding these requirements and how to do if you miss one of them, read the seminars web page.

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