Study visit 2015

The first intended learning outcome of DD2300 is "compare different workplaces and professions relevant to computer scientists". In order to make you fulfill this learning outcome you will visit an IT company each year in the course and reflect on the visit in the next seminar. The study visits 2015 will take place between November 5 and December 3, always on Thursdays after 15.00. 

For more information about the groups and study visits, please look at the prosamm15 study visit page.

Exchange students

If you are on exchange studies during period 2 you should try to organize your own study visit in the city where you study. You should visit an IT company or IT research group at the university, and the visit should last between 20 and 60 minutes. The study visit should not just be a presentation of the company, it should give you a picture of how it is to be employed as a computer scientist at the company.

If it is not possible to find a study visit you will have to do an extra assignment described in the instructions to the seminar in period 2. 

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