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Registering research publications

In accordance with the KTH president’s decision V-2010-0482, aiming at making KTH research visible, all publications written by researchers in their capacity of KTH employees should be registered in DiVA.

Register your publications in DiVA (login)

Uses for DiVA

  • The information in DiVA makes it possible to find the publication, not only in directly in DiVA, but also through search engines such as Google and Google Scholar.
  • DiVA can be used for Open Access publishing, which makes the publications more searchable and accessible. Read more on the OA pages.
  • The bibliographic information can be used for generating publication lists, importing records to reference management software and for bibliometric analyses.
  • Data from DiVA is exported to other systems, for example Prisma, which is used for applications to Formas, Forte and the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet).

Who should register?

  • It is the responsibility of every researcher to make sure that their own publications are registered in DiVA and that they are correctly registered.
  • Staff at the library imports publications from Web of Science and Scopus. Publications not covered by these databases must be registered by the authors themselves.

Registering step by step

Important to keep in mind

  1. Only register published material.
  2. To avoid duplicates, check that the publication is not registered already.
  3. For registering doctoral and licentiate theses, see separate instructions.
  4. Log into DiVA and register your publications. Please note that help texts can be found in the registration form (marked with a question mark). Please create or connect your ORCID-id.
  5. If you have several publications registered in another database you can import them from there into DiVA, for example from Web of Science and Scopus.
  6. Would you like to self-archive your publication? First, make sure you have the right to put a copy of your publication in DiVA, see Sherpa/Romeo. Please read our Open Access pages first. Your pdf will not be visible immediately after uploading it. Staff at the library will check publisher conditions etc, which may take a few days.

Import from Web of Science

Do a search in Web of Science  and mark the records in the list that you want to import. Go to Save to Other File Formats at the top of the list, select Full Record and Plain Text and click Save to save the file on your computer. Login to DiVA and choose Import references - ISI format.

Import from Scopus

Do a search in Scopus  and mark the records in the list that you want to import. Then click ”Export”. Choose RIS format and All Available Information. Then click export to save a file of references to your computer. Login to DiVA and choose Import references - RIS format.

Import file from ORCiD

Login to your ORCiD-account  and select the publications you want to export. Click on the button “Export works” and then “Export”. Save the file “works.bib” on your computer. Login to DiVA and choose Import references and then Import from external databases in the BibTeX-format.

Log in here to create or connect your ORCID-ID.

Import file from another university which also has DiVA

  1. Search for your publications in the other university's DiVA. Mark the references that you want to import.
  2.  Click on the link called References, then Export references and right-hand click on the reference format Mods and select Save the file on your pc.
  3.  Log on to KTH:s DiVA, select Import references and click on Import from external databases.
  4.  Select the format MODS V3, upload and import your file.
  5.  Click on each publication one at a time and add your KTH-id. Check that all the other bibliographic information is correct and click on Submit. Note: Do not change the affiliation (university name). This should be the same as the one found in the publication.