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Jakob Kuttenkeuler

Marine systems is a broad, applied and multi-disciplinary research area. The future of underwater technology looks very bright both in Sweden and internationally – not least considering Sweden's strong position as a nation that develops submarines. There is a current trend towards the developing methodologies for autonomous, small, cheap and robust vehicles for environmental monitoring, sample collection and hydrographic investigations. These are areas of great interest in regions such as our own, where we live next to a sea that is under great strain.

Jakob Kuttenkeuler has devoted his energies to such things as route optimisation for ships that takes into account prognostic uncertainties. Another research area is methodology for the analysis and active suppression of hydrodynamic resonance phenomena in modern fast cargo vessels, which makes them more sensitive to interaction with the surrounding wave system. Understanding and predicting these phenomena is important in order to, for example, allow ships to integrate warning systems and act in potentially dangerous situations.

The research has contributed to the advances made at KTH in the field of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs). An AUV of KTH's own design is currently capable of advanced manoeuvres and works perfect as a platform for future studies concerning autonomy, multi-vehicle operations, docking and alternative propulsion.


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