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Jonas Faleskog

Professor in solid mechanics

We take for it granted that, for example, reactor tanks in nuclear plants, aeroplanes and different kinds of vehicles are sufficient strong. But one prerequisite for this is that the engineers have access to good mathematical models which describe how different material systems are deformed until failures occur. Failures are cracks in the material caused by tensions which in turn arise as a result of the forces applied. The mathematical models also allow the utilisation of the full potential of new materials.

The development of such models often takes place at the intersection between material science, applied mechanics and numerical methods. Through the development of theory, experimental and numerical methods, Jonas Faleskog designs models that describe how mainly metallic and polymeric materials are deformed, from unloaded to brittle or ductile failure. Currently he is working on developing models that describe the deformation and failure of materials on a microscopic scale. The work of Faleskog and his research group also involves international collaboration partners.


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