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Aninna H. Persson

Professor of Real estate law

Annina H. Persson’s research focuses on private law, particularly credit law, property law and insolvency law. She graduated as a Master of Laws from Stockholm University in 1990, and qualified as a Trainee District Judge at Stockholm County Court in 1990–1991.

Annina became a Doctor of Laws in 1998 and Associate Professor in 2000 at the Stockholm University Faculty of Law, where she had previously been working as a lecturer. In 2001–2003 she was a visiting professor at the Riga Graduate School of Law, and in 2006–2007 a Marie Curie Fellow at the University of Bremen’s Centre of European Law and Politics.

She subsequently worked as a Professor of Jurisprudence focusing on private law at Örebro University, 2008–2021. Annina has also been a Special adviser to the Swedish government, at the Ministry of Finance in 2012 and the Ministry of Enterprise in 2015. She is on the Academic Council of the Insolvency and Property Law Academy.

She is also editor and a board member of the Insolvency Law Journal (INRATI), and a member of CERIL – Conference on European Restructuring and Insolvency Law. She is currently employed as a Professor of Real Estate Law at the Department of Real Estate and Construction Management at KTH, and until 1 March 2023 is a visiting professor in Commercial Law at Uppsala University.

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