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Pavel Korzhavyi

Professor of Materials Technology

Pavel Korzhavyi is a professor in Materials Technology at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, KTH. His expertise is in the modeling of disordered crystals and their physical/chemical properties based on first principles of quantum mechanics. This theoretical modeling is applied to materials of industrial relevance, for example, metals and ceramics, at elevated temperatures. A significant part of his research is devoted to modeling structural materials for nuclear energy applications, in particular, copper and iron parts of canisters that are intended for the storage of spent nuclear fuel. More information about his completed and ongoing projects can be found on the Unit of Properties website.

Pavel is also a member of the Advisory Editorial Board for Journal of Nuclear Materials and a member of the Editorial Board for the open-access journal, Metals. Since 2018, he has been KTH’s official representative in the Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) RawMaterials at the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT).


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