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Ulla Mörtberg

Professor of Energy systems and environmental assessment

Systems analysis applies knowledge from different disciplines to find critical links between complex systems and solve sustainability problems. The work has a spatial dimension and encompasses environmental aspects that might otherwise risk being deprioritized. One classic field is energy systems analysis which primarily looks at energy sources and their costs, the amount of energy they can provide, energy security and certain environmental problems.

Ulla research, however, encompasses a broader environmental assessment with a focus on ecosystem services. For example, in an Lithuanian study, she has used spatial systems analysis to explore to what extent the country’s forest would suffice for different ecosystem services, such as the production of biomass for energy and materials, recreation, and habitat supporting biological diversity. The analysis illustrated the importance of using the forest strategically, having realistic expectations of the availability of bioenergy from forest, and including different ecosystem services in the assessment.

Ulla is also working on spatial analyses for wind power planning, integrating techno-economic, social and ecological aspects. Another area is urban systems, where many energy aspects and people’s access to urban services and ecosystem services are crucial for long-term sustainability. The same questions arise in different systems, with similar approaches but with different applications. By including relevant sustainability aspects and a long-term perspective, it is possible to build a better understanding of the systems and how they can be managed in a sustainable way.

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