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David Broman

Professor of Computer Architecture

In Broman’s research, which is both practical and theoretical, he develops fundamental methods, algorithms and programming languages. This enables effective modelling and execution of complex computer systems.

The main purpose is to make it easier for engineers and scientists to program and model automated systems so that the right functions are performed. The research yields results in the form of both scientific publications and open-source software. The latter can be used free of charge, both in industry and society in general.

Raising the abstraction level for all users is a tremendous challenge because it must, at the same time, automatically generate high-performance solutions. The objective is that a user only needs to describe what the systems should do, and not how and in what way.

To handle uncertainty, the methods include models based on probability theory. In addition, technologies are used to reason reliably about time, and to simulate dynamical systems. David Broman’s research group also develops robot prototypes and works with domain experts in various fields, such as automatic control of physical systems and evolutionary biology.


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