The two-year master's programme in Railway Engineering consists of three terms of courses and one final term dedicated to the master's degree project. Each term consist of approximately 30 ECTS credits. The courses presented on this page apply to studies starting in autumn 2020.

Year 1

Compulsory course given att UIUC the first year:
CEE409 Railway Track Engineering, 8 hp, Ges H18

Conditionally Elective courses studied online at UIUC the first year. *Among CEE408 and CEE472 at least one course has to be studied.
*CEE408 Railroad Transportation Engineering, 8 cr given autumn 2019
*CE472 Stuctural Dynamics I, 8 cr, given autumn 2019
CEE410 Railway Signalling and Control, 7,5 hp, given Spring 2020

Mandatory courses + conditionally elective courses = at least 44,5 cr.

Mandatory courses

Year 2

Autumn semester year 2 is studied at UIUC (exchange semester).
Compulsory course
CEE412 High-Speed Rail Engineering, 7,5 hp
Conditionally elective courses. At least 22,5 cr has to be studied.
CEE408 Railway Transportation Engineering, 8 cr
CEE498 High-Speed Rail Planning, 7,5 cr
CEE509 Transportation Soils, 8 cr
CEE472 Structural Dynamics I, 7,5 cr
CEE491 Decision and Risk Analysis, 7,5 cr
CEE512 Logistics, 10 cr
CEE598 Railway Terminal Design and Operations, 10 cr
CEE491 Concrete Materials, 10 cr

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