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Johan Arekrans

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Doctoral student

About me

Department of Machine Design - Unit of  Integrated Product Development and Design

Doctoral student in Innovation Management and Circular Manufacturing Systems.

My research interest is the organizational and managerial challenges in disruptive business environments, such as the transition toward a more sustainable and circular economy.


Ongoing Projects:

- 'Rethinking Innovation in Circular Economy Transitions (RICET)' funded by Vinnova.

CE@KTH Research & Development Team, Researcher, Initiative funded by KTH.

- The Swedish Delegation for Circular Economy, member of the expert group for Circular Design Strategies

Completed Projects:

- 'ABC Mechanisms: From Ownership to Access-Based Circularity in Sweden' funded by Vinnova.

- 'CET: Circular Economy Transitions' funded by Vinnova.

- Project ReCiPSS, funded under European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation program.


-MF2084 Managing Research and Development (Course responsible, teacher, supervisor)

-MF1040 Design and Product Realization Methodology (teacher, supervisor)

Guest lecturer in:

- PhD Course on Circular Economy and Industrial Systems,

- MF2032 (Eco Design),

- MF2046 (Product Innovation),

- MF2088 (Innovation and Product Development),

- MF2112 (Advanced Product Design).

Thesis Supervision

Mapping a digital-physical development process: Case study of a small company

Radar-Based Solutions for Crushing and Screening Applications

Collection and Utilization of Market Information and Customer Insights within New Product Development

Toward Circular Economy Implementation: A Tool for Integrating Circularity Indicators into Portfolio Management

Exploring Strategies for Early-stage Startups in Cooperating with Large Organization through Corporate Accelerators

Circular Economy in Single-Use Medical Device Industry: Barriers, Enablers and Design Tool

Integrating Circular Economy in the Innovation Process for Startups.

Developing a digital tool for innovating on circular strategies

How collaboration act as an enabler for circular economy in the fiber-based packaging industry

Design for Recycling: Guidelines for Increased Recycling Efficiency and Recovery Rate of Materials

How does the perception of food waste and its root causes differ on different levels within a grocery retail organization?: A case study


  • Doctoral Student -KTH 2018 - Ongoing
  • Engineers Degree -Design and Product Realisation, KTH 2017
  • Master’s Degree -Integrated Product Design, Product Innovation, KTH 2017
  • Bachelor’s Degree -Production Engineering, KTH 2015


Degree Project in Innovation Management and Product Development, Second Cycle (MF220X), teacher | Course web

Degree Project in Innovation Management and Product Development, Second Cycle (MF230X), teacher | Course web

Design and Product Realization Methodology (MF1040), teacher | Course web

Eco Design (MF2032), teacher | Course web

Managing Research and Development (MF2084), course responsible, teacher | Course web