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Jamie Rinder

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I am responsible for KTH's pre-sessional course in Study Skills and English*, which runs in August every year.  In term-time, I teach courses in Rhetoric, Professional English, Academic Writing, and Technical Communication.  I also tutor at the Centre for Academic Writing* and have collaborated on Epigeum's online course in English for Academic Studies*. 

I am passionate about language and communication and have studied English, French, German, Persian*, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish. I am also interested in the ways that English functions as a lingua franca and the changing role of English nativer-speaker norms in lingua-franca settings. 

My KTH-related research is focused on Languages for Specific Purposes (LSP) and the specific communication needs of engineers.  I am a founding member of the Global Engineers Language Skills network (GELS)* and am currently working on its BADGE project.  This is a three-year Erasmus+ KA2-funded project with the ultimate aim of inspiring language and communication education at engineering schools and departments.  I have presented the GELS network's progress at various international conferences.

*  See the portfolio for more details.


Degree Project in Computer Science and Engineering, First Cycle (DA150X), teacher | Course web

English for Academic Studies (online) (LS1415), examiner | Course web

English for Employment (LS1419), examiner, course responsible | Course web

English for Writing and Presenting a Degree Project in Science and Engineering (LS2439), examiner, course responsible, teacher | Course web

Introduction to Scientific Writing (FDS3103), course responsible | Course web

Rhetoric - Speaking and Writing for Impact (LS1465), examiner, course responsible | Course web

Supervision and Assessment of Degree Project Work in First and Second Cycle (LH219V), teacher | Course web

Technical Communication in English (LS2429), examiner | Course web

Writing Scientific Articles (FDS3102), assistant | Course web