Undergraduate Courses

These are the undergraduate courses given at TMH:

Namn Nr Årskurs Period hp Ges på
Ljud som informationsbärare DT1175 Media 2 3 7.5 Svenska
Speech Technology (Talteknologi) DT2112 D3-4, E4, F4, Media3-4 3 7.5 English
Multimodal interaction and interfaces DT2140 D3-4, E4, F4, Media4, TISYM 2 7.5 English
Musical communication & music technology (Musikalisk kommunikation och musikteknologi) DT2213 Media 3-4, E4, D4 4 7.5 English
Music Acoustics DT2212   3 7.5 English
Music Informatics DT2470   1 7.5 English
Sound in Interaction
(Ljud i interaktion)
DT2300 THCIM specialization Multimodal Interaction", MDI2-multimodal interaktion, TISYM, all programs 1 7.5 English
Human Perception for Information Technology DT2350   1 6 English
Audio technology (Audioteknik) DT2410 Media 3-4,E4, D4, F4, TSOVM1 2 7.5 English
Speech and speaker recognition (Igenkänning av tal och talare) DT2119 D4, E4, F4, Media4 4 7.5 English
Advanced Individual Course in Musical Communication DT2215 2012-04-05   6 English/ Svenska
Language Engineering (Språkteknologi) DD2418 Årskurs 4-5 (Master's level) 4 6 English
Språkteknologi med introduktion till maskininlärning DD1418 CINEK 3 2 6 English/Svenska
Search Engines and Information Retrieval Systems DD2476 Årskurs 4-5 (Master's level) 3-4 9 English
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