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Why not learn Swedish?

Learning the Swedish language makes communication much easier in Stockholm. Since I fell in love with Stockholm, I made plans to stay after graduation. Therefore, I decided to learn Swedish for better integration into the Stockholm community. I know a few options on how you can learn Swedish as well and for free!

A short course in August

Some of my friends took the opportunity to participate in a Swedish course in August, before the beginning of the academic year. They said it was a great way to start a student life online! The course lasts around two weeks and a few days. Learning a few phrases will definitely be useful once you come to Sweden. I would recommend not missing this chance!

Swedish courses at KTH

I have great news for you! KTH offer both credit and non-credit courses in Swedish for free!

It is an amazing way to find out more about Swedish history, culture and society. The non-credit course provides knowledge on contemporary life in Stockholm, most common phrases, grammar and basic vocabulary. The course consists of three stages: Introduction course, advanced course and professional Swedish. Each of them runs for one semester, which is around three months. For non-credit courses, you can apply from 15 to 31 August.

Credit-bearing course in Swedish gives 7.5 ECTS and runs throughout the entire course at KTH, plus an intensive course in June and August. This course is provided fully on campus so it’s a great opportunity to meet your peers!

Language cafe at KTH

Would you like to learn a new language and meet new people in a relaxed atmosphere? I am talking about having lunch with students on campus and improving your French, Spanish, or Italian! KTH offers language cafes for you to find out more about new cultures by learning languages!

Did I catch your interest? Why don’t you check what languages you could learn each weekday? On Mondays, you can speak Japanese!

The tandem program at KTH

If you feel like the course is too much for you and you don’t want to spend much time, why not try the tandem – language partner programme? Perhaps you would like to go abroad for an exchange programme or would like to meet someone of a different culture and expand your views. This is a perfect opportunity to get together with someone speaking their native language that you would love to hear.

It is a chance to learn at self-paced and possibly establish a new friendship. Can you imagine a conversation where one person speaks one language and the other half – the other language? Sounds exciting even to picture it! You can find more about how this remarkable conversation works here!


I chose to learn Swedish at “Swedish for immigrants”. It is a government-funded organisation offering free of charge Swedish classes for everyone! It is a great opportunity to meet people around Stockholm.

Even though the course is quite intense, the atmosphere is very relaxed and the tutors are super friendly! Every Monday and Wednesday, I bike to one of the SFI schools and improve my Swedish skills in a fun way! I guess the best part of learning Swedish in school is that you can practice speaking with your classmates in reality and gather contacts! I have met people from Brasil, the Netherlands, Iran and Australia!

At the moment, we are learning a lot of grammar, which is quite similar to german. So far, I can order a cup of coffee in Swedish, pick up some words from conversations around me, and introduce myself!

I am off to do some Swedish homework now! Hopefully, you will join me in Swedish classes next year or meet my friends at the Swedish course in KTH!


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