The VIC Studio

The visualization studio at KTH (VIC) is a resource for students and researchers. The studio houses many types of technology to manage and interact with large amounts of data. It also support the relevant application of the data, through modalities such as haptics, eye tracking, multitouch and various stereoscopic systems.

The studio is a research environment with modern technology for visualization and interaction where students, researchers and industry meet. The studio opened at the end of 2011, and since then continues to host several kinds of activities, such as workshops, lectures, events and talks. The visualization studio is used as an education and lab environment for researchers and students who want to explore the technology and its uses, and thus many courses take place partially or completely in the studio -  among others:

The technology in the studio is continously being improved and upgraded, but includes among other things: interfaces for movement and gesture control, eye-tracking and gaze tracking, haptics and stereoscopic viewing systems (passive, active, as well as auto-stereoscopic). Visit the equipment page for more information.

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