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The School of Technology and Health is located in one of northern Europe's most important areas for research in medical engineering, with students and staff coming from all over the world.

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Undergraduate studies at KTH School of Technology and Health are organised in study programmes.

Swedish is the main language of instruction, and knowledge in Swedish, as well as in English, is generally required in order to be admitted to an undergraduate program.

International Master's programmes

KTH School of Technology and Health offer the master's programme in Medical Engineering, 120 credits. Our students come from countries all over the world.

The master’s programme teaches the advantages and limitations of the current technology behind clinical applications. Students are given the knowledge base that is necessary to improve and develop the medical technology of the future.

Medical Engineering is a field with excellent career prospects and KTH is a leading technical university promoting state-of-the-art education in this area. Prospective master’s students can expect to receive a solid foundation in advanced, modern applications, as well as relevant research collaborations with the globally recognised medical environment of Karolinska Institutet and Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset.

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Doctoral Program

The School of Technology offer a doctoral program, which includes two research topics: Technology and health and Applied medical technology. These subjects describe and analyze the interdisciplinary links between technology, design, environment and medicine for clinical applications and the work processes that affect safety, health and welfare.

This includes multidisciplinary perspective with theories, models, methods and empirical evidence from science, technology, medicine and social, behavioral and health sciences.

The core of the doctoral program is to promote health and prevent or reduce the risk of injury and illness.

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Clinical Innovation Fellowships

The Clinical Innovation Fellowship teams operate in Europe's leading network for the systematic identification of clinical needs and development of solutions to impact healthcare worldwide. The initiative is based on clinical immersion in Sweden and supported by international partner organizations.

The goal of the Clinical Innovation Fellowships is to improve healthcare by identifying clinical needs and challenges gathered during clinical immersion and create solutions to address those needs. Participants have a background within medicine, engineering, design and/or business and work in multidisciplinary teams throughout the program.

For many fellowhip participants, the program is the first step in creating a start-up in the medical technology field.

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