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Anne-Kathrin Peters

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About me

I have joined KTH in May 2021 to work as an Associate Professor in technology education with a focus on sustainability, especially equality and justice. I am still, until July, employed at Uppsala University as a researcher and teacher at the Department of Information Technology. There, I have been a member of the Uppsala Computing Education Research Group (UpCERG) since 2011. I am also the coordinator for the Climate Change Leadership (CCL) Initiative, which is one of five sustainability initiatives at Uppsala University. In this role, I am establishing and contributing to collaborative work in the area of societal transformation and climate action. I am also coordinating education research conducted by an international group of researchers in the field of ICT for sustainability (ICT4S). I have a degree in computing and teaching. Before moving to Sweden in 2011, I worked as a mathematics and computer science teacher in a high school in Germany.

My work is concerned with teaching and learning for environmental and social sustainability. I have been researching identities, norms, values, and their reproduction in power relations. I see a great potential in education for societal transformation. It can be a democratic space, allowing diverse people to imagine and create sustainable ways of living and thinking. My work is informed by research from the following research fields:

  • education, especially environmental and sustainability education as well as STEM education,
  • gender research,
  • future studies,
  • engineering and computing, especially on disciplinary practices and values

In my teaching, I strive to combine research and pedagogical development. For example, I have been teaching about sustainability and equality in different courses at the IT department in Uppsala. I have taught about computing, society, and gender at the Centre for Environment and Development Studies in Uppsala (Cemus).

Profile picture of Anne-Kathrin Peters