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Anne-Kathrin Peters

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I have joined KTH in May 2021, as an Associate Professor in technology education, with a focus on sustainability, especially equality, diversity and social justice.

My main interest is the role of education and technology for change towards more just and sustainable ways of living. I am particular interested in the intersection of social sustainability (equality, equity, democracy) and environmental sustainability. I am researching norms, values, and identities in education and how they are produced in power relations in education. Emotions and care ethics in education have been important topics for me. Most of my work has been in computing education but I have also been a part of and moved between other research communities in the past years including, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education, ICT for sustainability, feminist technology studies, and futures studies.

Together with my colleagues, I am establishing a new research group on sustainability and education at KTH. A central theme is how to support transformation of university education for sustainability including equality. I am Co-PI for a recently funded research and development project titled "Digitalisation and Educational Transformation: Empowering Students and Teachers with Cognitive Disabilities" (PI Jan Gulliksen, funding organisation Digital Futures @ KTH, see here). I am also a co-supervisor for Virginia Grande, a PhD student working on role modeling in computing education at Uppsala University (defence June 9, 2023, here). 

Before I joint KTH, I worked at Uppsala University (2011-2021), at the Department of Information Technology. I was a member of the Uppsala Computing Education Research Group (UpCERG). In the last year, I coordinated the Climate Change Leadership (CCL) Initiative, which is one of five sustainability initiatives at Uppsala University. In this role, I supported cross-disciplinary research collaborations and project proposals on societal transformation and climate action. I have taught at the IT department and at Cemus, the centre for environment and development studies. I was also a member of the gender equality group at the IT department for several years.

I have a computing and teaching degree from Germany. Before moving to Sweden in 2011, I worked as a mathematics and computer science teacher at a high school in Berlin.


Examensarbete inom teknik och lärande, avancerad nivå (LT200X), examinator, lärare | Kurswebb

Genus och teknik (AK2202), lärare | Kurswebb

Genusforskning och jämställdhet i teknisk högre utbildning (LH225V), lärare | Kurswebb

Handledning och examination av examensarbete på grund och avancerad nivå (LH219V), lärare | Kurswebb

Hållbarhet och medieteknik (DM2573), assistent | Kurswebb

Lärande för hållbar utveckling (LH215V), lärare | Kurswebb

Lärande för utmaningsdriven utbildning med globala utvecklingsmål (LH233V), lärare | Kurswebb

Lärande för utmaningsdriven utbildning med globala utvecklingsmål (LH233U), lärare | Kurswebb

Lärande och undervisning i högre utbildning (LH231V), kursansvarig, lärare, assistent | Kurswebb

Sociala relationer, ledarskap och kommunikation (LT1046), lärare | Kurswebb

Profilbild av Anne-Kathrin Peters