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Yann Seznec

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About me

I am a PhD student in the Division of Media Technology and Interaction Design at the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, with Rob Comber and Elina Eriksson as supervisors, and I am in the Sustainable Futures Lab team.

My work focuses on sound, interaction design, and sustainability. In my PhD I am looking at constraints-based design, generally focusing on critical approaches to technological interactions for sound and media.

Previously I was Game Designer in Residence at MICA Game Lab in Baltimore, USA for two years. Prior to that I lived for 13 years in Scotland, where I was founder of award-winning creative studio Lucky Frame and lecturer at the University of Abertay Dundee. I worked as a freelance artist and musician, with much of my work involving building custom instruments such as sound-responsive robots, musical pigsties, candle-based sound installations, electromechanical mushroom spore reactors, and more.


Degree Project in Computer Science and Engineering, specializing in Interactive Media Technology, Second Cycle (DA232X), teacher | Course web

Haptics, Tactile and Tangible Interaction (DH2670), assistant | Course web

Human Perception for Information Technology (DM2350), teacher | Course web

Human-Computer Interaction, Introductory Course (DH1622), teacher | Course web

Media Production (DM1579), assistant | Course web

Program Development for Interactive Media (DM1595), teacher | Course web

Sensor Programming for Media Technology (DM1588), teacher, assistant | Course web

Sustainability and Media Technology (DM2573), teacher | Course web