Project Wishlist

All of the below in Unity engine for a virtual reality Oculus Rift walk-through of the KTH campus. Contact me if you are interested, since I usually have further information and in some case, specific papers.

3D modelling, 2D art and photography

Creation of a virtual Visualisation (VIC) Studio
Skybox and proper panorama creation for the KTH scene
Extended modelling of the CSC interior
Integration of the campus buildings into a single scene (starting with CSC courtyard and main CSC building)
Integration of various interior models of the CSC building (D building)

Rendering and shading

Landscape rendering of Stockholm area from high resolution GIS data
Building interior rendering
Dynamically-lit imposters and shadows for high density crowds
SSAO and other lighting effects/shaders (global illumination) applied to the KTH scene
Relief/displacement mapped campus buildings
Improved rendering and variation of virtual crowds

Automatic generation

Procedurally generated and rendered roads in the KTH campus from OpenStreetMaps data
Automatic bill-boarded tree and shrub generation and rendering
Integration of procedurally generated footpaths into KTH scene
Procedural dirt generation for buildings
Procedural building interior (room) generator and decorator for CSC building
Procedural building/architecture generator for Stockholm style buildings

Animation and simulation

Facial animation system for virtual characters
Integrated traffic simulation in the KTH scene (with visually appealing vehicle models)
Scheduling and routine simulation for virtual students (moving around campus buildings at specific times)
Data-driven crowd simulation based on machine learning algorithms
Improved motion captured animations for groups of virtual characters

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Kan därmed läsas av studerande och lärare och ändras av lärare.

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Kan därmed läsas av alla och ändras av lärare.
commented 29 March 2017

Hello~Are these topics recommended or maybe the topics for grade D?

Teacher commented 29 March 2017


These are general topics to give an idea of what could be done (in conjunction with the blogs). They span all grade ranges - but I think most of them (especially in the later categories) are nearer to A/B grade projects. For examples of D grade projects, you could do something limited relating to the "3D modelling, 2D art and photography" section above, or simply to extend one of the lab assignments in some way.

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