Information specific to SUDOA 2018 (for Stockholm University students)

Relevant lectures

SUDOA HCI Introduction 16th May, 13:00-15:00, B2

Color Perception 21st May, 08:00-10:00, D2

Last year's topic by Catharine Oertel: Intelligent virtual agents


Write a three page report in English using the Latex document preparation system on a topic of your choice related to HCI. You may use one of the styles contained in the ACM article template.


Three examples follow. Many more are possible.

1) Report on a topic of your choice from the lecture series on Interactive virtual agents and robots. Do some further research into the area and reflect on how it could be of importance to your continuing studies or how it may impact society. Example paper here.
2) Review a single paper from a conference such as CHI (Computer Human Interaction). Note that in this case, you are reviewing the paper itself in terms of its writing style clarity, content, novelty and so on. In terms of personal reflection, you may consider how your analysis has benefited your writing style, structure or perhaps even the report itself.
3) Review a technique of interest to you from a single paper from a conference such as CHI (Computer Human Interaction). Note that this is different from 2) above, since you are not analysing the paper, but the approach documented in the paper. In this case, you could reflect on why the approach is of relevance to you or the societal impact of the approach (technologies, ethical).

4) Participant in and report on a perceptual study. You will be notified as these take place.

Previous example:

Perceptual Study on Groups and Crowds

Get some insights into the process of perceptual studies and master's thesis work involving virtual crowds and demanding graphics by participating in a short user study about crowds, groups, and social norms. The study will take only 20-30 mins.

Sign up here:




The structure will vary depending on the type of report that you create. However, it is important in all cases that the report represents your own original work i.e. does not include sections of text or images from other works and does not paraphrase them. If you are unsure about how to ensure this, a good way is to include a substantial reflection section in your report where you mention why the approach/topic or its implications are of importance and interest to you, your future studies and/or society in general. This personal aspect of the report is important.

One possible structure for the report is as follows:

1. Title

2. Your name and details

3. One paragraph summary, including the goal of your report

4. Theory/practical factual description of topic

5. Your reflection/discussion

6. References


Grading is P/F and will be based on the presentation (clarity and quality of writing) of the report, the quality of content and evidence of research i.e. references and related citations in text to external work that relates to your theoretical/practical description and reflections/discussion.


You submit through Canvas. The link will be available later in the course.

Deadline: Monday 28th May 2018

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